Zander's First Playtime Is The First Episode Of Zander's World Made By Zander Tube On October 10, 2013. Duration: 7 Minutes 58 Seconds. 
Zander's World S1 E1-0

Zander's World S1 E1-0


On 3:45 AM, Zander Goes To Get A Snack, Then He Goes Back To Bed. In The Morning, Zander's Computer Turns On Waking Him Up, When He Goes To Use His Computer, It Crashes. Zander Says In Reaction: "Why The **** Do I Need This ****!?" Then On Christmas, Zander Gets Windows ME And Microsoft Office 2000 Standard. Then He Upgrades His Computer To Windows ME With Microsoft Office, Corey Goes To See Zander's Computer, When He Sees That His Son Upgraded His Computer To Windows ME, He Puposley Crashes It And Gives It A Virus. Then He Goes To The Car. When He Tries To Drive It, He Falls Off. He Notices That The Car Isn't Colored, So He Uses His Crayon To Give It A Purpley Brown Color. Zander Claims That He Can Drive A Real Car, But He Is Only 10. When He Is Driving The Car, He Is Playing The South Park Theme Song While Crashing Into Jessie, The Ross Family And Bertram! Goodness. Then He Meets Up With Cartman, Kyle, Stan And Kenny. When Zander Walks To Kenny's Left, He Accidentally Trips Over Him, Causing Kenny To Become Decapitated. Stan And Kyle Call Out Kenny's Death. Zander Asks His Computer If Kenny Will Be In The Later Episodes Of Zander's World, Then It Answers His Question. Zander Goes To The GeoTrax World With Zeppy. When Geo Comes, Zeppy Is Happy. Zander Says Geo Is His Favorite Train. Zander, Zeppy And Geo Pass By Mile High Mountain, The Railside Farm Company And The Harbor Docks Lighthouse. Zeppy Tells His Brother That The Boat Is Sinking. Then Zander Asks The Viewers If They Like To Deliver Cargo. Meanwhile, Jessie And The Ross Family Get Hypnotized By The Tikis From Donkey Kong Country Returns. Uh Oh. Zander Tells Vegas That He Made A Video Out Of Wizards Of Waverly Place. Vegas Replies "You Did What!?", Molly Walks To Zander, Zander Kicks Her, Then Vegas Becomes Traumatized When She Sees Molly. 

Trivia Edit

  • When Zander's Computer Was Indicating It's Componets And The OS Said "Windows 98 (AAUGH!)", It Was A Peanuts Reference.  
  • When Zander Was Using His Crayon To Color The Car, It Was An Elmo's World Reference. 
  • "Oh My God, The Killed Kenny. You Bastards!" Is A Line Kyle And Stan Auctually Use On South Park. 
  • Cartman's Voice Being "Eric" Was A Reference To His First Name. 

Goofs Edit

  • When Zander's Computer Turned On, The Background Was Transparent. 
  • When Zander's Computer Was Indicating It's Componets, "AAUGH!" Was Spelled Wrong. 
  • When Zander's Computer Was Answering Zander's Question If Kenny Was Alright, Not All Of The Text Was Shown.