Vegas Turns Noggin Into Facebook Is A Grounded Video Out Of Vegas Made By Zander Tube On June 25, 2013.  

Vegas Turns Noggin Into Facebook

Vegas Turns Noggin Into Facebook

Plot Edit

Vegas Turns Noggin Into Facebook, A Few Minutes Later, Zander And Zeppy Go To The Noggin, But It's Not There! Lorina And Corey Get An Email Saying That Noggin Became Facebook, They Ask Vegas What Happened, When She Claims That She Did Not Do Anything, Her Parents Threaten To Force Her To Watch Dora The Explorer, Then Vegas Tells The Truth. Lorina And Corey Are So Dissapointed In Their Daughter, That They Ground Her, Make Her An "Un-Teenager", Then Make Her Watch Teletubbies. Vegas Did Not Like The Show, So She Smashed The TV. Then Lorina And Corey Make Zander Make Some Grounded / Arrested Videos Out Of Disney Channel Characters. Vegas Refuses To Watch It, But Her Parents Left Her With No Mercy. 2 Hours And 50 Minutes Later, Zander Finishes The First Three Episodes, Then He And His Family (Excluding Zeppy) Watch The First Episode, Which Is "Jessie And The Ross Family Make A 'Call Of Duty Field' And Gets Arrested". After The Episode, Zander Tells His Parents That The Next 2 Episodes Are "The ANT Farm Gang Make A Wiggles Band While Grounded" And "Alex Makes An Earthquake And Gets Grounded". Then At August 18, 2013, Vegas Seems To Like Zander's Gounded Videos, Then Lorina And Corey Unground Their Daughter And Turn Her Back To Her Auctual Age, Then Vegas Goes To The Paramount Mountain With RyaTheTween. 

Goofs Edit

  • When Vegas Told Her Parents What Really Happened, She Said "I Turned Noggin Into Cartoon Network" When She Was Supposed To Say "I Turned Noggin Into Facebook". 
  • When Lorina And Corey Were Grounding Vegas, Lorina Said "A" When She Was Saying "You're Not Supposed To Turn Something People Love Into A Innapropiate Chit Chat Website Of Adult Humor" When She Was Supposed To Say "An". 
  • When Vegas Was Tired Of Watching Teletubbies Within 33 Seconds, She Said "I Am Going To Shash The TV" When She Was Supposed To Say "I Am Going To Smash The TV".