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Linus Van Pelt

He Sucked His Thumb And Held His Blanket For The Strip's Entire Run. Good Grief.

Linus van Pelt is a major character in Charles M. Schulz's comic strip Peanuts. He is Lucy and Rerun's brother. Linus always means well and tries to smooth over any storms that arise amongst the gang. A source of frustration for him is Lucy, who always belittles him, particularly over his security blanket. In spite of his insightful nature, he has a naive belief in the Great Pumpkin. He is Charlie Brown's best friend. 

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Linus Doesn't Trust The Aerialbots.

Transformers Stop MotionEdit

Coming Of The CombinersEdit

Linus Tried To Stop Rerun From Getting To The Aerialbots (Because He Doesn't Trust Them), But Rerun Didn't Listen.


Lucy Van PeltEdit

Linus has a rocky relationship with his older sister, Lucy. She often treats him as her personal servant and hits him at times for no reason. Linus usually gets back at Lucy in subtle ways, such as pointing out that she has forgotten how to smile.

Rerun Van PeltEdit

Despite having named his own younger brother, Linus' relationship with Rerun is rarely shown. Both of the van Pelt brothers are most often shown interacting with their sister, Lucy. At various points in the strip, Linus is shown comforting a crying infant Rerun, teaching basketball to him as a toddler, and in later years discussing the crabbiness of their sister. Linus also attempts to convince his brother of the existence of the Great Pumpkin. However, a skeptical Rerun expresses embarrassment at his brother's beliefs, and of his reliance on a security blanket. Rerun is even shown mocking Linus over these issues.


In Coming Of The Combiners, Linus Didn't Trust The Aerialbots Because He Thinks They Are Decepticons. In The Rebirth (The Transformers Season 4 Episodes 1-3), He Saw Sixshot Wound The Aerialbots, And He Thought Sixshot Was An Autobot. He Knew The Aerialbots Were Autobots When Rerun Brought Them Back To Life.